What’s Happening


Company officially registered in trading corporation of Pakistan to act as “chatterers protecting agent” to handle their bulk cargo vessels in all Pakistani ports.


MAY 2009:

Vessel M.T. Baltimore called under our agency arrangement to discharge 37,500/MT wheat in bulk, berthed at Gwadar sea port of Pakistan.

Vessel was a tanker carrying dry cargo in bulk. Discharged full cargo through evacs.

She was an excellent example and combination of tug and barge attachment, mostly used nowadays in great lakes, Canada.

Vessel was owned by United Sates shipping l.l.c., Washington.


JUNE 2009:

Company entered into general agency agreement with mccaughrin maritme inc. U.S.A to represent at two locations, Pakistan and Afghanistan in break bulk, Containerised vessel handling and cargo canvassing.

Company became a member of Pakistan ship agents association

Handled wind power project first time in pakistan. made safe delivery to the site about 100 KM off karachi port.


JULY 2009:

Ukrainian vessel M.V. Shakhtar, called in our agency arrangements at karachi port to discharge 13025 MT of sugar in bags.

We handled the ship and cargo as shipping / charterers protecting agents. Vessel sailed out on 15th of July 2009.


AUGUST 2009:

Company won a tender of trading corporation of pakistan as handling agents for the import of 50,000 M/T bagged sugar on urgent basis due to acute shortage of sugar in the country. All the cargo arrived in containers total 2000 cntrs. Job accomplished in one months time, services rendered as shipping agents, clearing and forwarding, transportation, destuffing, stacking in nominated ware house, return of empty containers in the yard.

Company handled about 5000 M/T of yellow split peas in containers on behalf of world food programmer of united nations and delivered to final destination peshawar, pakistan.



Company handled the vessel M.V. yue hai carried 38,000 m/t of wheat in bulk on behalf of world food programmer of united nations at karachi port including trucking from karachi to peshawar, pakistan.



Handled vessel M.V. Richmond castle carried 32,770 m/t of urea in bulk called Gwadar port pakistan

On behalf of trading corporation of pakistan as charterers protecting agents.


November, 2009

As charterer’s (M/S trading corporation of pakistan) nominated shipping agents, we handled M.V. african grace with full cargo discharge of 22000/ MT area in bulk at karachi port.



As handling agent of world food programme (United Nations) company handled 4500/MT of yellow split peas at port qasim. Cargo arrived in 245/20′ cntrs through maersk lne.

All cntrs devanned in mrg (M.R group) ware house to despatch for final delivery at peshawar wfp warehouse within 2 days of record time.


February 2010

  • WFP award of the transport contract of 644 MTN of Sugar in 28 X 20″ Feet Container from Port Qasim to WFP Waerhouse in Karachi, services offered customs clearance, transportation and devaning the containers at WFP Warehouse in Karachi
  • WFP award of the contrct for transportation and port operations of Vegetable oil in 420 X 20″ Container from Port Qasim to inland destination Peshawar.


March 2010

  • WFP award contract of the ransport operation of 12124 MN wheat in Bulk from Vesel M.V Baltimore called Karachi port for inland transportation to Quetta directly from the vessel.
  • WFP award of Transport contract of 3312 MTN of white sugar in 144 X 20″ Containers from Port Qasim to WFP Karachi warehouse.


April 2010

    • WFP award of contract for port plus transpiration operations of Vegetable oil shipment of 67 X 20′ Ft container from Karachi port to WFP warehouse.
    • WFP award of contact for port plus transportation operation of 689 MTN in 36 X 20′ Containers of vegetable oil and 2894 MTN of yellow split peas in 162 X 20′ Containers.


May 2010

  • WFP award of contract for port plus transport operations of shipments under agency agreement for six months to handle the shipments upto a tonnage of 2000 MTG.
  • WFP award of contract of port plus transport operation of total 6400 MTN of wheat Flour arrived in 322 X 20′ FT Containers at Karachi port to Peshawar WFP warehouse.


June 2010

Work order of 100 X 20′ Container of vegetable Oil had been awarded under agency agreement with WFP.


July 2010

  • Company handled Vessel M.V Golden Falcon as shipping and charterers protecting agent at Port AQsim to discharge 22000 MTN Sugar in Bags. Consginee M/S Trading Corporation of Pakistan
  • WFP award of contract of Port plus transport operation of 3104 MTN of wheat flour in containers from Port Qasim to destination Peshawar.
  • WFP award of port plus transport operation of 7310 MTN of rice arrived in containerised shipments at Port Qasim for Peshawar ware house delivery.


August 2010

  • Handling of Vessel M.V Lady Nariman carrying 17850 MTN bagged white sugar in bags as shipping / charterers protecting agent of Consginee M/S. Trading corporation of Pakistan at Port Qasim Pakistan.
  • WFP award of contract for Port plus transport Operation of total 2400 MTG of Rice in containers to be transported in bags form Port Qasim to Peshawar ware house delivery.
  • WFP award of contract of Port plus transport operation of total 69 X 20′ Cntrs of Palm Oil from Karachi port to WFP warehouse in Karachi.